You'll probably find it useful to associate person data with your services. This could be things like service owners, development teams, support teams, subject matter experts and so forth. The Seiso LDAP importer allows you to import person data to attach to your services.

Figure 1. Run a scheduled batch job to import your person data into Seiso.

1 Install the seiso-import_ldap gem

Nothing fancy here:

$ gem install seiso-import_ldap

2 Configure the importer

You'll need to create two configuration files. Their default locations are

  • ~/.seiso-importers/ldap.yml: Describes your LDAP store
  • ~/.seiso-importers/seiso.yml: Describes your Seiso instance

See the sample_conf directory in the seiso-import_ldap project for sample configurations. Consult your LDAP administrator for the appropriate configuration values.

3 Import the data

Run the importer:

$ seiso-import-ldap

You can override the default configuration file locations as follows:

$ seiso-import-ldap --ldap=/path/to/ldap.yml --seiso=/path/to/seiso.yml

4 Refresh your services

To link your services to their owners, you'll need to run your service importer.

5 Run Seiso LDAP importer as a job (optional)

You'll probably want to set up a scheduled job for your person data. Usually a daily sync is fine for this kind of data, but it's totally up to you.


If all went well, you now have person data, as well as links connecting services and people.

Figure 2. Example of person data in Seiso. Though it doesn't appear in the screenshot, the data includes contact information as well.

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