These are practical, hands-on guides on setting up and using Seiso.

Get Started with Seiso

Start here. This is a no-nonsense guide to setting up a Seiso server using the source distribution. (Binary distribution coming soon.)

Manage Your Service Data with GitHub, Jenkins & Seiso

Broad overview explaining how to set up a self-service, GitHub-based management system for your service data.

NEW Working with Seiso Data Masters

Detailed information on working with Seiso data master files, which you can use to manage your service data.

Integrate Chef Server Data Using Seiso

Integrate your Chef server data with the rest of your service data using the Seiso Chef Importer.

Import LDAP Person Data Into Seiso

Sync Seiso with your LDAP server, such as Active Directory, so you can attach owners and contacts to your service instances.