Seiso, a REST API, uses the more common standard HTTP verbs.


For basic read-only requests, like getting the list of environments, getting a single environment, finding a user by username and so on.


Unlike many APIs, we don't use POST much if at all for creating new items. This is because our item URIs generally involve natural keys, making PUT more appropriate.

We use POST for more complex read-only requests, like advanced searches. We also use POST "special" operations such as batch updates.

Finally, we don't have examples of this yet, but we will use POST to add items to collections involving many-many relationships. For example, to add a person to a group, we would use something like POST /v1/groups/air-developers/members/ivan.


Primary method for creating and updating items, since URIs generally involve natural keys. Note that PUT completely replaces the target item.


Deletes an item.