Information about running services in various environments is often both decentralized and programmatically inaccessible. Specific people in an organization know the environments and services in part but not in total. By aggregating this data and making it programmatically accessible, you can build tools and automation that improve the speed and reliability of a devops effort, particularly when applications suites are not monolithic.

Seiso realizes these ideas by providing a centralized REST API for collecting, normalizing, integrating and exposing devops data to support programmatic access by automation. Moreover Seiso provides a user interface to make it easier for people and automation to have a shared view of the data. Seiso helps to move your organization away from the "tribal knowledge" model of information management to a shared-view model.

If you want to pull data together to support enhanced visibility and automation, give Seiso a try.

Key Features

Easy to use JSON-based REST API
Intuitive HTML5 web UI
Pluggable actions (health checks, server bounces, etc.)
Message-based integration
Embedded Tomcat server, so you don't need to deploy one yourself
Built-in management support
Authentication, authorization, HTTPS

Tech Stack

API Java 8, Project Lombok, Spring Framework and Spring Boot
UI JavaScript, Bootstrap, LESS, AngularJS and WebSockets
Database MySQL
Messaging RabbitMQ
Importers Ruby
Dev Git, GitHub, Gradle, JUnit and Mockito